Martial Arts engages the mind and body, strengthening them simultaneously towards a better physical, mental and emotional health. Awesome, right? Well, according to research, practicing any form of Martial Arts is just as beneficial to young children. Here are just a few reasons why you should encourage your kids to sign up for Martial Arts training.

1. Martial Arts encourage physical activity

In the age of smartphones and gaming consoles, children of today have plenty of excuses to not engage in physical activity. They tend to sit around all day instead of going outside to play, which will prove to be detrimental to their health in the long run. Martial Arts training can combat this and entice children to be physically active while having a lot of fun. This gives them a regular total body workout – and just like any workout, one must be wearing the right gear so they aren’t hurt or injured. With this mindset ingrained in them at such a young age, they will also learn the importance of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Martial Arts create better posture

One of the causes of bad posture is sitting in front of the computer or gaming console for hours. Aside from encouraging your kids to be physically active, Martial Arts also helps the body maintain a strong balance and good posture.

3. Martial Arts teach your child conflict resolution and self-defense

While unfortunate, it’s a popular misconception that Martial Arts promotes physical violence. In fact, it actually teaches children (and adults) a way to resolve conflict without violent confrontation. Don’t be scared of your child getting hurt – as long as they wear proper, high-quality Martial Arts equipment and are taught proper form and physical coordination, they will learn how to defend themselves in any situation.

4. Martial Arts build better athletic performance in your child

Martial Arts is a demanding sport, requiring both mental and physical toughness for one to successfully practice it. In turn, this improves one’s physical health and athletic performance so that your child can excel in other athletic areas, too.

5. Martial Arts boost self-confidence

It has been proven in various studies that Martial Arts can improve a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Practicing for days and weeks and finally earning their next belt boosts their morale and makes them feel good about themselves. To maximize their chances of moving up in Martial Arts, make sure to get them only the best-quality fighting gear they can utilize for their best performance.

6. Martial Arts promote social interaction

Aside from the multitude of health benefits that your children can get from Martial Arts training, they can also have a flourishing social life from it. Martial Arts is almost always done in groups, so training is a chance for your kids to socialize with other children who have the same passion as them, building friendships they could be treasuring for a lifetime.

7. Martial Arts is a proven stress-reliever

While kids don’t deal with the same problems as adults do, it’s simply not true that they don’t experience stress. They actually go through a lot of stress and boredom, too, which can lead to aggression. Many Martial Arts forms involve exercises that help with children’s aggression, helping them learn how to handle their emotions the right way.

8. Martial Arts can give your kids opportunities to travel

One of the many advantages of Martial Arts is the opportunity to travel to different places to compete for tournaments. Aside from giving them the chance to showcase their athleticism and skills, they are also exposed to various cultures different from their own. When joining competitions, it’s best to get well-built training equipment so they can focus on practicing their art and winning.