Mavi Cabling
Photo: Ms. Mavi Cabling, Ms. Earth Philippines Candidate

You just got home from your night class. You’re so exhausted. You want time to chill and watch Netflix while holding a cold beer in your right hand. As you walk by the living room you had a glimpse of your training bag, wraps gloves, and your training shorts. As it was meant to be there.

We understand you’re exhausted. Believe us, you actually want your gloves to require care and maintain it. The truth is, gloves are the foremost important and expensive part of your kit.

Finding the perfect gloves is a dream come true. Your punches feel faster, and your hands feel better after exhausting training. So if your gloves are taking care of you, why can’t you?

Leaving your gloves in your bag, only to be picked up until your next training session, is a sure way to put it in a bad or worse condition. You wouldn’t take a shower after training would you (we hope you do)?

So how about taking care of your Payantog Sports boxing gloves. Designing our Boxing Gloves Snap or Boxing Gloves Lace, we intended gear that will get better with use. By good luck, there are simple steps you’ll take after practice to clean your boxing gloves and to prevent them from being smelly boxing gloves.

1. Wiping gloves with diluted vinegar spray

Although chemical disinfectant-based sprays and wipes will kill bacteria and leave fragrance, most disinfectants are too harsh to use commonly for cleaning boxing gloves. A simply diluted tablespoon of vinegar in a spray bottle filling the rest with water.

By using the mist setting on the spray bottle, gently spray the inside of your boxing gloves. Wiping it thoroughly with a clean cloth – note: paper towels may leave fibers in your boxing gloves)

The key to using vinegar as a cleaner is to use a very diffused solution. The vinegar’s acid helps reduce bacterial growth and break down odors, however strong vinegar solutions leave a noticeable smell that may take time to wear off.

2. Drying your smelly boxing gloves

Leaving your wet and smelly boxing gloves in a dark and humid environment might be the biggest cause of a bacterial growth

It is very important to dry out your gloves after training. Bacteria and fungus such as ringworm reproduce in the dark. Drying out your boxing gloves helps lessen the bacterial growth and prevents the smell of your boxing gloves.

Drying out the gloves in the sun exposes the gloves to UV light which kills bacteria. However, do not leave them for long periods of time as the sunlight will damage the gloves over time. Using a dryer on boxing gloves will destroy both genuine and synthetic leather, as well as damage the padding of boxing gloves.

3. Use a pair of glove dogs

Glove dogs are fabric tubes packed with moisture-absorbing material. Advantages of having a glove dog are drying your boxing gloves on the inside and some glove dog fillings leave a refreshing scent. It also helps your boxing gloves stay in shape and avoid getting smashed by other gear when packed.

You can also buy or make your own glove dogs.

To make your own glove dog, you will need cedar wood chips or another moisture-absorbing material. Fill an old sock with cedar wood chips until it’s packed stiff and tie it off. You can also add a drop or two of essential oil to add a pleasant aroma.

After wiping down your gloves, put your glove dog inside your boxing glove to dry them inside. Don’t put too much essential oil in each glove dog as these oils can be very strong and can irritate your hands.

4. Conditioning your leather boxing gloves once or twice per month

Payantog Sports premium boxing gloves use high quality leather, conditioning is not necessary. But if you use organic leather gloves, it is necessary to rarely condition them.

Leather is made of animal skin, it cracks when it gets too dry.

When cracks begin to form in any part of the leather, bacteria can easily enter the crack and begin to produce in the foam padding of the glove. When this happens, you’re unlikely to be able to remove the odor from your boxing gloves.

The best way to prevent the leather from cracking is to condition your gloves every month, bi-monthly, or depending on how frequently you use them.

Rubbing natural or synthetic oil-based cream into the leather of the glove will keep the leather supple and prevent stiffness and cracking of the boxing gloves.

There are different varieties of synthetic leather conditioners on the market, but even small applications of natural oil. Coconut oil can help the leather retain its shape and durability.

Comforting gloves should go on the journey with you. We want your Philippines boxing gloves to be in your everyday training as long as possible before you’re ready to move up. Make sure to take care of them, and they’ll do the same to you.