Congratulations! You have decided to take on martial arts, a sport that not only engages the body but the mind as well. No matter what form of martial arts you opt to practice, it is very important that you wear the proper equipment so you can unleash your best potential.

Get ready for your journey towards better physical and mental well-being through boxing. It’s one of the best ways to decompress because you won’t be worrying about complicated equipment.

Boxing gloves

You probably already know that a pair of boxing gloves Philippines is the most essential thing and one of the very first equipment you need to invest in before starting training. Remember to get training gloves and not bag gloves, as the latter are meant for punching bags.

Below is a guide for the recommended glove weight according to your body weight.

Body WeightGlove Weight
Children age 6-12, 67 kg or lighter8 oz/227 g
67 kg or lighter12 oz/340 g
67 kg to 80 kg14 oz/397 g
80 kg or heavier16 oz/455 g

Boxing hand wraps

Boxing gloves aren’t the only thing needed for the protection of your hands. Since the hands and wrists are quite fragile, it is important to ensure their safety from spraining or breaking by wrapping your hands with boxing hand wraps underneath the gloves. The hand wraps serve as a protective barrier that also provides restriction for your joints, so that shock is absorbed and redistributed across the entire hand.

In general, a boxer needs 4.6-meter cotton wraps for average-sized hands, and 3-meter cotton wraps for smaller hands.

Sparring headgear

Obviously, boxing involves getting hit—and more often than not, you will get hit in the head. This is why wearing proper sparring headgear is of utmost priority. A headgear will protect your head, skull, and teeth from the impact of getting hit by your opponent. Boxing headgears are meant to cradle and cushion the skull with a thick padding surrounding the head and cheeks, and leave enough space so they don’t limit airflow.

If you are still training, it’s best to get headgear specifically designed for beginners, which has more padding.

If you are interested in training at home or with a friend, here are a few boxing equipment you should get aside from the essentials:

Punch mitts

Most boxing coaches recommend that you train using punch mitts. WIth a training partner catching and directing your punches, you’ll be able to incorporate offensive and defensive motions. Focus mitt drills help increase your punching accuracy while maintaining the speed and power more so than swinging mindlessly at a punching bag.

Boxing body protector

During a boxing match, body shots are just as fatal as punches to the face and head. To improve your aim at body shots, you should get your training partner a boxing body protector to greatly reduce the impact of your punches.

Heavy bag

If you want to practice but no one is available to partner with you, a heavy bag is a handy piece of boxing equipment for drills that you can do on your own. It may not be the same as having somebody else take the blows and train with you, but a punching bag is still an important component in improving your boxing techniques.